The child at the heart of our CPE

Every child is unique...

At CPE Petits Pieds your child is seen as valuable, innovative, strong, competent and capable of great things. He is loved entirely with his own strengths and challenges. All the actions we take are therefore taken with the child in mind and what we can do to ensure his well-being, his safety, his development and reflect a positive image of himself.

Your child evolves and grows up through relationships with others. Our first role is to create a secure attachment and a complicity-rich relationship with him. Once this relationship is established, he will be free to explore his environment, to create other connections, to express himself with confidence and to flourish. It is the very basis of the well-being convention to which all members of our staff have committed themselves: a deep respect for the child, which is reflected in expressions of mutual trust, encouragement and help. Your child is encouraged to go to the end of his experience and express himself in a variety of ways.

By being respected for who he is and by helping the child clarify his thinking, our staff shows your child that what he is trying to express is meaningful and that he is an important being. By making a gesture, an action or an activity with assistance at first, then by himself, we give him a sense of competence and nourish his confidence in himself and his autonomy. He is free to try and be wrong because there are no failures, only learning!


Your child also grows by using his senses to communicate with the world around him. It is therefore normal that special attention is put in the layout of the classes at the CPE so that they exude calm, warmth, and well-being. Our CPE is a living environment FOR the child and not just a set of classrooms. It is inviting and inspiring and aims to help the child create memories and moments that will enrich his life. As our homes tell our story and are filled with positive anchors that shape our lives, our daycare center tries to recreate a home environment that is reminiscent of your home.

Finally, a lot of intentions are also put in place around your child to ensure his general well-being:

First CPE of the Outaouais to have developed a white code protocol, global assessments and success stories of your children who transfer from one educator to another to ensure the educational continuum, measures to ensure a certain stability as much as possible even in the context of replacement, professional development program on the cutting edge of the latest discoveries in early childhood, and so on, everything is done so that your little one is well, happy and flourishes during his stay at CPE Petits Pieds!

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