The child at the heart of our CPE

Every child is unique...

At CPE Petits Pieds, we see your child as precious, innovative, strong, competent, and capable of great achievements. They are loved in their entirety, with their unique strengths and challenges. All our actions are guided by a constant focus on their well-being, safety, development, and the promotion of a positive self-image.

The flourishing and growth of your child are nurtured through their relationships with others. Our primary role is to establish a meaningful and collaborative attachment with them. Once this connection is formed, they are free to explore their environment, form other connections, express themselves confidently, and thrive. This forms the foundation of the caring convention to which all members of our staff are committed: a profound respect for the child, manifested through mutual trust, encouragement, and support. Your child is encouraged to pursue their experiences and express themselves through various means.

By respecting your child's individuality and assisting them in articulating their thoughts, our staff demonstrates that what they seek to express is meaningful, underscoring their importance as an individual. By initially guiding them in actions or activities and then encouraging them to do it on their own, we foster a sense of competence, bolster their self-confidence, and promote autonomy. In our CPE in Gatineau, there are no failures, only opportunities for learning!


The development of your child also relies on the use of their senses to interact with the world around them. It is therefore normal for special attention to be given to the layout of spaces at the CPE to create an atmosphere of calm, warmth, and well-being. Our CPE aims to be a living environment FOR the child, not just a set of premises. It aspires to be inviting and inspiring, aiming to help the child create memories and moments that will enrich their life. Just as our homes tell our stories and are filled with positive anchors that shape our lives, our CPE strives to recreate an environment reminiscent of the family setting.

Finally, numerous initiatives are implemented to ensure the well-being of your child:

We are the first CPE in Outaouais to have developed a white code protocol, comprehensive assessments, and achievements of your children that transfer from one educator to another to ensure educational continuity. Measures are taken to ensure a certain stability, as much as possible, even in replacement situations. We have a dynamic professional development program at the forefront of the latest discoveries in early childhood, among other initiatives. Everything is done to ensure that your little one is well, happy, and flourishing during their time at CPE Petits Pieds!

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