« the child is not a vase that must be filled but a source that must be let out! »

In a certain way, a day care service is a day care service. So why choose the CPE Petits Pieds?

Our mission is to make THE difference in your child's life. The pedagogy that we have adopted, as well as our corporate values, allows us to make this difference on a daily basis.

The pedagogy that inspires us is Reggio Emilia’s. The Reggio Emilia pedagogy is based on the principle that the child is the master of his learning and therefore what he learns is not necessarily what he is taught. As Maria Montessori has so well said, "the child is not a vase that must be filled but a source that must be let out!"

Just like you and me, your child will learn if he is interested and motivated. Your child will be more interested in learning if the subject, HIS subject, interests him.

By observing your child in his interests, his games, the way he uses the material and the feelings he lives, and developing with him a relationship rich in complicity, our staff is able to accompany, support and provoke the thoughts of your child instead of dictating learning.

Here we cultivate curiosity and the desire to learn!

The staff gently helps your child ask the right questions and clarify his thoughts. What a great way to show him that he is full of abilities and important!

The staff then looks at how to use their observations to further your child's learning.

They will then build the curriculum/programmation on the basis of this reflection and will create projects and modifications to the environment and the material to provoke the continuation of your child’s reflection.

The projects are generally initiated by the children and the staff lets them go to the end of their discoveries!

Here your child evolves through the milestones of his development while learning to love to learn while building his self-confidence!

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