Your child's role is to play!

By exploring their environment and actively playing with their five senses, your child stimulates the creation of new neural connections in their brain, thus fostering the acquisition of new skills.

Our role is to provide your child with an environment that allows them to explore and play safely while being present, available, and attentive to learning opportunities.

From morning to evening, your child goes through various moments in their routine at the CPE, allowing them to alternate between more active and quieter activities.

In the morning, during the welcome, your child is warmly greeted in a personalized manner. This moment is crucial as it marks the transition between home and the CPE. A smooth integration takes place, and they are invited to play freely until they join their educator in their designated area.

Next, your child participates in planned projects and activities in their designated area, where everything is provided for them to engage in pretend play, explore sensory bins, quietly read a book, and build their own world! These activities are alternated with outdoor games or periods in the motor skills room to allow for more active play, as well as quieter moments for snacks, meals, engaging discussions, reading a story before naptime, and dedicated hygiene moments.

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