Your child's role is to play!

By playing and exploring his environment with his five senses, new synapses are created in the brain of your child, thereby allowing new learning.

Our role is to provide your child with an environment that allows him to explore and play safely while being present, available and responsive to learning opportunities.

From morning till night, your child goes through various moments in his daycare routine that allows him to alternate between more active and quieter activities.

At the beginning of the day, your child is greeted warmly and in a personalized manner. This moment is important since it constitutes the transition between your house and the CPE. A smooth integration is made and he is invited to play freely until he goes to join his educator in his classroom.

Your child then participates in the projects and activities set up in his classroom where everything is at his disposal so that he can play pretend, explore in a sensory tray, watch a book calmly, and build his world! These activities are alternated with outdoor games or periods in the gym to allow more active games and quieter moments to snack, have a meal and have great discussions, read a story before the nap and some dedicated moments to hygiene.

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