Developing is food curiosity

Your child develops his perception of the world thanks to the anchors that he develops using his senses. His diet is therefore more than just feeding an empty stomach for us!

Our chef tries to develop his curiosity by offering him a variety of foods and spices. Special attention is also put on visual appeal to stimulate your child's appetite.

In order to develop the taste for vegetables and fruits, those are served as a snack and at lunch every morning and every day.

We favor white meat and poultry over red meat and offer an average of two vegetarian meals per week. We also offer fish once a week, not only to make your child aware of a variety of tastes but also to seek the widest possible variety of nutrients.

Always aimed at healthy eating, all the desserts and snacks served (cookies, bars, muffins, dips) are homemade and not from a commercial mix.

Our menu complies with our food grade standard that promotes foods with higher nutritional value and has been verified and approved by a nutritionist. As much as possible we favor local and seasonal products. As it is recommended to introduce foods to children a few times to develop their taste, our menu is built cyclically over 4 weeks. As seasonal foods vary our chef has built 3 cycles: the fall cycle, the winter cycle and the spring-summer cycle.

Finally, our staff arouses the interest of children for food on their plate with a playful and educational approach! The child is invited to taste and as all our desserts are nutritious he is never deprived of dessert!

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