An outing to the cinema for our 4/5-year olds!

On June 8th, faithful to our annual tradition, our 4/5-year olds who will graduate and go to school next year went on a “big kids only” outing at Cinema 9 in Gatineau to see the movie “dogs under investigation.”

Although we usually are not in favor of screen time – children benefiting much more from active play and creating and building all kinds of projects according to their imagination – once a year, the 4/5-year olds are invited to watch a movie as a year-end, and end-of-daycare privilege.

The children hopped on the school bus to Cinema 9 (a good practice for next year!). As the outings policy stipulates, the children were accompanied by a ratio of one adult for 3 children. It goes without saying that this outing could not have happened without the generous involvement of our team of volunteer parents!

Although this activity had fun as an ultimate goal and was mainly focused on one of our corporate values, humor, many beautiful values were conveyed in this movie including:

  • The importance of working as a team to achieve a goal;
  • Respect for others, differences and animals;
  • Tenderness and friendship
  • The respect of rules and instructions

It goes without saying that the children really liked their experience!

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