Delicious Maple Taffy

It was at the end of last April that we were invited to taste and enjoy the delicious Maple Taffy from the Montée Dalton educational park. After observing the Maple water flowing from the trees during walks in the previous weeks, your child witnessed the making of and tasted local maple taffy.
Gatineau’s first eco-friendly park, the maple grove is within walking distance from our CPE. It is literally just around the corner! Its development is the result of the involvement of our community and many volunteers. The idea and the leadership for this beautiful project was provided by one of our beloved grandfathers: Mr. Yvon Boucher!

In addition to the traditional tasting of maple taffy, the breathtakingly beautiful park offers your child an opportunity to discover and learn more about the fauna and flora in all seasons. He therefore learns more about nature and how to care for it.
The ecological park also holds a community garden. In the spring of 2017, our adventurers and dolphins groups had the opportunity to sow pumpkins and decorate them the following autumn. The corn grown in that same garden is served at the end-of-summer peel, to which all the families attending our CPE are invited.

Finally, an old rank school is also built on the site allowing your children to learn more about history, about school in general and to make a link between generations.

But above all, the ecological park is a favourite place for all our walks. Your child learns to be in communion with nature, to appreciate it. Above all, nature allows him or her to stimulate his/her five senses and develop new synapses. Indeed, many studies show that children’s cognitive abilities develop faster when they are exposed to green spaces in their daily lives. This is not surprising since exposure to nature reduces stress, provides better oxygenation, reduces noises and all distracting stimuli, thereby promoting attention and concentration! At the Ecological Park, your child bends to contemplate a flower, or pick a leaf in the fall, hides behind a tree, experiments walking on leaves, all beautiful opportunities that invite the child to spend energy, move, run and play while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D!

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