Childcare services week

From May 27th to June 2nd, 2018, our CPE celebrated the childcare services week under the theme Hop! I grow up! which reflected, among other things, the importance of early childhood in the overall development of tomorrow’s adults!

It was also an opportunity to highlight the outstanding work of our staff and their ongoing quest for quality improvement.

This year again, the parents’ collaboration was extraordinary.

We opened the week with the walk for the réseau enfants-retour the previous Friday.  The children were able to develop their overall motor skills and revise the safety rules allowing them to grow up in a safe environment close to their families.  Parents joined us on the walk and we were able to donate the funds raised to the Reseau enfants-retour so they can continue with their valuable mission in our community.

Thanks to the precious collaboration of the parents, the children were able to present their life story via a photo collage from the day they were born to today.  This activity enhanced their self-esteem by fostering self-awareness, a sense of identity and a sense of belonging while allowing them to recall memories from those they love.  By sharing their story, they felt important, seen, heard and listened to.  Similarly, language skills were developed as children were invited to speak on a topic they were familiar with.

A fun day filled with active games was organized by the educators to celebrate the overflowing energy of children! Young and old alike enjoyed it!

Finally, all the achievements of the children during the last year were highlighted, to develop their self-confidence and to make parents aware of the progress made by their child over the past year.

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